Booking accommodation for a group?

We have a bed for every budget and can help to reccommend the best option for your groups stay. Our communial kitchen, bathroom, lounge and laundry are the perfect size for a large group, boasting warm clean and modern facilites. Our accommodation in central Timaru, South Canterbury includes: 2 bedroom motels, studio motels, en-suite unitsstandard cabinssuper standard cabinspower and camper tent sites.

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Group booking request
Children: 2-14 years
Adults: 15+ years

Group cancellation policy

A deposit MUST be paid to confirm your booking. The deposit becomes non refundable 1 month prior to arrival date. Cancellation up to to 1 month prior to arrival date the deposit will be refunded less a $5 per room cancellation fee.

Supervision of group members

Supervision of the group and their behaviour is the responsibility of the organisers not the holiday park staff.
The group organisers will be financially resposible for any damage caused by any member of the group.
Everyone in the group are to conduct themselves responsibly and with consideration to other guests.
Noise is to be kept to a minimum, no noise between the hours of 10pm and 7am.